Imagine what your gift can do for the needy kids in the society! Join a network of incredible people providing life-saving support

The palm association offers 25% of the annual profits to Charity & School Sponsorship. Incase you have any unwanted items to donate to the society then we could be a perfect gateway to their destination.

The Palm Charity Foundation

The Palm Charity Foundation is part of The Palm Association's initiative to help orphans, abandoned kids and single unmployed mothers to be able to support and educate children sothat they equal turnout to be responsible citizens of the Ugandan nation.       

To join the School sponsorship program, the parent or guardian download and fill up a sponship application form and send it on email or submit it in person at our Entebbe office. 
We also do conduct charity gatherings werer we donate clothes, shoes and  food among others. 

2020 - May Covid-19 Support [Uganda]

Charity Support - Our Team Providing Food To The Needy

Covid1-19 Charity support

May 2020

Covid1-19 Charity support

May 2020

Covid1-19 Charity support

May 2020

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